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Journal of Korean Law Vol.17 No.2

2018.09.10 23:51


Journal of Korean Law

Volume 17 No. 2 - June 2018

Special Articles 
on Marine Genetic Resources in Asia Pacific:

Current Status and Future Research Agenda on Benefit-Sharing in International Sustainable Development Law 

Jorge Cabrera and Medaglia Fred-Perron

Korea’s Access and Benefit Sharing Regime: 
The Nagoya Protocol, Domestic Legislation, and Future Steps 

Ah-Young Cho, John Leitner, and Jae-Hyup Lee

Special Articles on International Tax

The Meaning and Basis of Judgment on “Place of Effective 
Management”under the Corporate Income Tax Law of Korea: Judgment of January 14, 2016, 2014Du8896, Supreme Court of Korea

Je-Heum Baik

Customs Valuation Treatment of International Marketing Fee of 
Multinational Enterprises and its BEPS Implications: Focusing on the Adidas Case of the Supreme Court of Korea

Jung-hong Kim

Notable Cases:

Notable Cases on the Law of Trusts

Kye Joung Lee

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