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Journal of Korean Law Vol.17 No.1

2018.02.12 10:55


Journal of Korean Law

Volume 17 No. 1 - December 2017


Special Articles:

The Limitations on the Use of Big Data Pursuant to Data Privacy Regulations in Korea

Jeong Yeol Choe, Doil Son and Sejin Kim


Cross-Border Transfers of Personal Data and Practical Implications

Inhwan Lee and Jennifer S. Keh


Main Issues in Korea Regarding Consent for the Processing of Personal Information, with Emphasis on Recent Supreme Court Cases

Kwang Bae Park, Sunghee Chae and Jaeyoung Chang


Rule or Standard: How to De-Identify Personal Information in Korea?

Haksoo Ko and Sun Goo Lee


Transfer of Personal Information in a Corporate Structural Change

Taeuk Kang and Susan Park



Notable Cases:


Commentary on Major Intellectual Property Law Cases


Legal Status of the Seller in a Retention of Title Sale of Movables



Student Essays:


A Study on the Copyright Disputes of Musical Works Used in Films - Supreme Court Decision 2014Da202110, Decided January 14, 2016

Jaewon Hwang

A Study on the Diverse Views in Korean Court Decisions on the Culpability of an Internet Link Creator and a Short Proposal on How the Controversies in the Decisions Should Be Settled - Focusing on the Analysis of the Korean Supreme Court Decision 2016Na2087313

Soo Jeong Kim

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