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Journal of Korean Law Vol.16 No.1

2017.03.02 10:12


Journal of Korean Law

Volume 16 No. 1 - December 2016


Special Articles: SNU-JPRI-Berkeley


John Yoo and Kye Joung Lee


The Implementation Gap in Environmental Law

Daniel A. Farber


Habeas Corpus in the Anglo-American Legal Tradition

Amanda L. Tyler


Measures to Realize Sustainable and Efficient Justice from the Prespective of Information and Communcations Technology Focusing on the Korean Court

Hoshin Won


A Comparative Examination of Counter-Terrorism Law and Policy

Laurent Mayali and John Yoo





Judicial Justice: From Procedural Justice to Communicative Justice

Un Jong Pak


The Decision of the Korean Supreme Court on the Contingent Fee Agreement in Criminal Cases: General Clauses, Judicial Activism, and Prospective Overruling

Jinsu Yune


Investor Protection in Korean Capital Market through Disclosures and Litigation

Kyung-Hoon Chun


Back to Fundamentals: A Closer Look at a Seoul High Court's Unsuccessful Attempt to Introduce Attorney-Client Privilege in Korea

Soojin Nam



Academic Materials:


Researching Korean Constitutional Law and the Constitutional Court of Korea

Seokmin Lee and Fabian Duessel

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